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TIU Kreschatik Hostel

Welcome to the TIU :) If you stay with us, you might just find out what TIU stands for ;)

Our fun and exciting hostel is right in the heart of Kiev. We’re situated on the city main street of Kreschatik, just next to Independence Square - always the centre of all main events, performances and free concerts. Can the location be any better?

Perfect location. Has a good homely feel. Staff are only around sometimes, but are usually helpful. Great for meeting fellow travelers. 

Kayne Boule

TIU is really well located, right in the heart of Kiev. Walkable distance to the main Metro. Really worth it.

Vanessa Douse 

Wonderful location and incredible staff, I can't praise them enough. I've stayed at many hostels but this is one of the few where I can honestly say the staff have become friends for life.

John Warner